Employment Opportunities

   Page Position

    Are you looking for an entry-level job and love the quiet yet colorful atmosphere of a library? The West Branch District Library is looking for you to fill a page position. As a library page, one of your primary responsibilities is to shelve books.  This is where your ability to alphabetize correctly is essential. A library organizes books not only using letters of the alphabet but also numbers. Included in your job description is to straighten the books that are on the shelves and making sure they are in order. Library staff want to know that you can use basic grammar as you are interacting with the public. You are expected to be a good ambassador for the library, so a friendly demeanor goes a long way. You need to be punctual and able to stand for extended periods of time. Stop in and apply with resume and cover letter in hand or email to: wbranch@westbranchlibrary.org